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Working on the Road FAQ

  • What comes with the guide?
  • You’ll receive a 97-page field guide and a suite of additional resources, including budget templates, checklists, and more. In true nomad fashion, all files are digital, so you'll receive them right after your purchase—you won’t have to pay shipping costs or wait for the mail.

  • What if I don't want an online business?
  • In all the research for the guide, we deliberately considered many different forms of work. Not all of them involve “working online” or starting a business that funds your travels. There’s more than one road to the road, and we’ll help you find what’s best for you.

  • What if I have a home or other responsibilities?
  • Some of the nomads we interviewed are young and unattached, but several others have plenty of responsibilities, from families to homes to debt and more. As with whatever kind of work you do, “working from the road” will look different depending on your own situation and preferences. It’s certainly not impossible to have a home in one place and travel elsewhere for part of the time.

  • Where should I go?
  • That’s a great question, and it all depends on what you’re looking for. We’ll provide some good examples and ideas in the guide, but we want to equip you with the tools and resources to turn dreaming into doing and make this lifestyle possible for you. The rest, as they say, is up to you.

  • I'm ready to get started... what's next?
  • Great! We’re ready too. Pick up your copy of Working on the Road. We’ll see you on the other side!

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